The Watershed Foundation (TWF) Official Statement of Support

Whereas: Many farmers and landowners within the Upper Tippecanoe Watershed (UTW) have worked with TWF to voluntarily change management practices and implement water quality improvement projects on their land.

Whereas: TWF has taken action, educated landowners, and implemented solutions for approximately 70% of the known water pollution problem areas. More than 200 water quality improvement projects have been completed since 1997, and another 35 projects will be completed this year.

Whereas: TWF’s original watershed management plan – as approved by the Indiana Department of Environmental Management in 2006 - includes the formation of sewers as a priority project to be accomplished for the preservation and protection of the Upper Tippecanoe Watershed.

Whereas: The formation of a Conservancy District for the purpose of establishing a sewer system to serve the areas near Tippecanoe, James, and Oswego Lakes represents a significant project.

The Board of Directors of The Watershed Foundation unanimously supports the formation of such a Conservancy District.

Therefore the Board of Directors respectively is asking the property owners who will be served within this district to approve the formation of the Conservancy District when contacted by volunteers seeking your signature in favor of this very important project.