On October 19, 1995, the Deputy Administrator of the Kosciusko County Health Department stated that the upgrade of septic systems in high water table and sloping area are not, in the long run, feasible. The reason are stated as follows:

  • In most areas virgin soils that have never been used for septic systems do not exist.
  • Because a large portion of these lots are used for structure and set back requirements, adequate sizing is not possible. 
  • Because private water wells do require periodic maintenance or replacement, location of some wells have not been in compliance with the 50 foot separation distance. Please note that the Kosciusko County Health Dept. does enforce a one and two family dwelling well ordinance. This ordinance was established to achieve the best well placement possible. 
  • Repairs consist of removing the old systems down past plugged soil, backfilling with spec 23 medium sand, to a predetermined elevation then a stone bed and distribution system. These systems could be considered temporary at best.
  • Sloping site sometimes cause repair systems to be installed at a greater depth than desirable. Evaporation and oxygen exchange are limited at these depths. 

Read more in the October 1995 letter here.